Why did the RNC and DNC Conventions Suppress Free Speech?

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

An intriguing read over at the libertarian outlet Reason on the suppression of the First Amendment by the two major parties at their conventions the past two weeks:

The freedom of speech issues arose when the leadership of both conventions got so cozy with the Secret Service that they began using the federal agency as if it were private security, and they did so in such a manner as to preclude judicial intervention in aid of the freedom of speech.

Thus, when the Republican leadership wanted to quell a “Never Trump” boomlet on the convention floor, it had the Secret Service remove all reporters and producers — including some of my Fox News colleagues — from the floor. And when the Democratic leadership wanted to silence a pro-Bernie Sanders onslaught on the convention floor, it had the Secret Service confiscate Sanders placards from delegates on the floor.

The government removal of the press by command of the Republicans and the government removal of Sanders placards by command of the Democrats constitute not only an unheard-of commandeering of the government’s coercive powers for a private purpose but also the government’s abridging the freedom of speech. And all this was done quickly and without notice — and without an opportunity for redress to the courts.