WVU lists 104 “gender inclusive bathrooms” for students online

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

West Virginia University (WVU), a taxpayer-funded public university, has bought into the LGBTQIA+ ideology. Accuracy in Academia recently discovered that the public university has a specific list posted online of its “gender inclusive bathrooms.”

In other words, WVU is allowing people to enter these bathrooms regardless of their biological sex, but according to their preferred gender identity. For example, a man who identifies as a woman can enter the bathroom when women are in the bathroom.

The university warned website visitors that although the “list is always kept up to date,” the “map may be incomplete.” The map details sections of the campus where these “gender inclusive bathrooms” can be found.

In total, WVU has 104 gender inclusive bathrooms. In its ‘downtown’ section, the university listed 18 of these types of bathrooms. In the ‘Evansdale’ section, it listed 10 bathrooms. The Health Sciences Center has 13 bathrooms, Cancer Center has 7 bathrooms, and there are 56 bathrooms in WVU’s medical centers, such as the Physicians Office Center, J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital, and The Eye Institute.

Some examples of where these bathrooms are located are in WVU’s LGBTQ+ Center (called the Maple House), school libraries, and WVU’s student recreation center.

WVU’s adoption of gender ideology from the Left is a stark contrast to the students and communities that it is supposed to serve. The university is located in Morgantown and enrolls over 28,000 students. WVU is located in a politically-red state, where the sole Democratic politician in its congressional delegation is Sen. Joe Manchin and has voted for Republican presidential candidates since 2000.