Yale Psychiatrist May Not Be Licensed

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

It seems that the Yale psychiatrist who diagnosed the president without a personal examination may not have a license either. “Yale University psychology professor Bandy Lee has deleted her Twitter account amid mounting allegations that she is not licensed in her home state of Connecticut,” Anthony Gockowski writes in Campus Reform.
“Accusations have been circulating on Twitter that the prominent Yale professor, known for her public diagnosis of President Donald Trump as having a ‘mental impairment’ and who recently met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to discuss the issue, isn’t actually a licensed psychiatrist.”

“‘We at the APA call for an end to psychiatrists providing professional opinions in the media about public figures whom they have not examined.’In fact, Campus Reform discovered that according to the State of Connecticut, Lee’s ‘physician/surgeon’ license expired in 2015, and her application for reinstatement has been ‘pending’ ever since.”