A Win for Free Speech: West Georgia Nixes Restrictions on Free Speech

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

From Young Americans for Liberty’s press release:

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is pleased to announce a victory in the national Fight for Free Speech campaign at the University of West Georgia.

As part of the national Fight for Free Speech campaign, YAL has organized hundreds of events on campuses nationwide to promote the ideals of civil liberties and freedom of speech. After several activism events such as a free speech ball event, a free speech sit-in, students flooding a university administrative meeting, and a sit-down with a university lawyer, YAL is pleased to announce that the University of West Georgia has implemented speech code reforms to reflect that of the First Amendment.        

“The YAL chapter at West Georgia fought tooth and nail to change their school’s policies on protests and demonstrations. The original policy was four pages long with complex definitions and overly bureaucratic processes. Now, students do not need to reserve campus space ahead of time to express their First Amendment rights. These changes have limited the discretion of university bureaucrats to restrict freedom of speech, and ensure speech rights for future generations of students,” said Alexander Staudt, YAL Director of Free Speech.

YAL believes that these small victories can lead to monumental, nation-wide reforms on college campuses. We encourage public universities across the country to follow West Georgia’s lead by upholding and protecting the right to free speech.