Feminist Journal Apologized for Article on ‘Transracialism’

, Spencer Irvine, 2 Comments

How are mere conservatives to keep up with the latest in PC etiquette if the politically correct cannot even do so?

Hypatia, a feminist academic journal, issued an apology for publishing a journal article on ‘transracialism,’ per Inside Higher Ed. Transracialism is the concept that a person can self-identify as a member of a different race. Inside Higher Ed referred to the Rachel Dolezal case, where the former NAACP chapter president identified as a black woman, but was born as a white woman.

The journal editors said that the piece should not have been published and admitted that they did review it before publishing. This came after academics wrote an open letter critical of the journal article.

The author of the article, Rebecca Tuvel, claimed that critics are engaging in ad hominem attacks and defended the reasons behind her article, of how she “perceived a transphobic logic that lay at the heart of the constant attacks against her.” Tuvel is an assistant professor of philosophy at Rhodes College in Tennessee.

Tuvel did apologize for “deadnaming” Caitlyn Jenner by her birth name, Bruce Jenner because it “can perpetruate harm against transgender individuals.” She was critical of her critics because she felt many did not read her journal article.