Indiana House passes bill barring gender identity in K-3 classes

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

The Indiana House of Representatives passed a bill that is aligned with Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which law sparked inaccurate media coverage and an oft-repeated false nickname of “the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.” Some have dubbed the Indiana bill as a “Don’t Say Gay” bill, although that is an inaccurate description.

The Daily Signal reported on House Bill 1608’s passage, where it passed by a 65-29 vote. As the news outlet reported, Indiana Democrats objected to the bill, yet their questions demonstrated that they may not have read the two-page bill for themselves.

The bill prohibits the discussion of human sexuality through third grade and requires school districts to inform parents if a student asks a teacher or staff member that their name or pronoun be changed. You can read the bill here.

After its passage in the House, the bill goes to the state senate (which has a 40-10 Republican majority) for consideration. The Republicans have a majority in both state legislative chambers and a Republican governor, which could hint at a possible passage in the state senate without worrying about a governor’s veto.

AIA previously reported on the bill making it through committee to the full state House of Representatives.

During a committee meeting, a male protester shouted and repeated the phrase, “It’s a name!” Police officers escorted the male individual out of the chamber, but not before he swore at the lawmakers, “You should be f***ing be ashamed. Their name.” A local news outlet said at least several hundred LGBTQIA+ protesters showed up for the committee meeting.