LGBTQ activists show up in force on debate on gender identity in schools

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

The Indiana state legislature is considering a bill that would prohibit classroom instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity.

WDRB reported that House Bill 1608 passed out of the state’s House Education Committee by a 9-4 vote, along party lines. The local news outlet noted the bill’s original version prevented teachers from teaching these divisive concepts between kindergarten to third grade, or for children between the ages of 5 to 9. The revised version removes the mention of the terms sexual orientation and gender identity, in addition to prohibiting the discussion of human sexuality through third grade.

Added to the revised bill was an amendment to require school districts to inform parents if a student asks a teacher or staff member that their name or pronoun be changed.

The bill’s author is Republican Rep. Michelle Davis, who represents a district south of Indianapolis.

But the bill did not go unnoticed by activists.

Local news outlet WTHR reported that “several hundred” pro-LGBTQ protesters rallied inside the state capitol building and some sat in the gallery above the area where state lawmakers sit and debate. One protester kept repeating the phrase, “It’s a name!” Police officers escorted the male individual out of the chamber, but not before he swore at the lawmakers, “You should be f***ing be ashamed. Their name.”

House Bill 1608, since it was passed out of committee, will go to the full state House for changes.