Notre Dame, Michigan State reverse in-person fall semester plans

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Two more universities have reversed plans to bring back students to its campuses for the upcoming fall semester: Notre Dame and Michigan State. These institutions join a growing list of campuses which will start with virtual or online learning for the fall semester, without offering discounts for students and parents.

Inside Higher Ed reported that the University of Notre Dame announced that it will move undergraduate classes to online instruction for two weeks, with students remaining on-campus, until leaders reassess their strategy. Michigan State University told undergraduate students to remain at home and not come to its campus as it transitions in-person classes to online-only.

Notre Dame’s announcement came almost two weeks after students arrived on campus. The university’s posted coronavirus dashboard showed an increase in coronavirus-positive tests as students underwent testing to 147 confirmed cases out of 927 tests performed as of August 3. Tuition at Notre Dame costs an estimated $57,699 per academic year, excluding room and board, books, transportation. The total estimate cost of attending Notre Dame is $76,883.

Michigan State’s change did not affect graduate students or research initiatives, but only undergraduate students. Tuition at the state university for in-state students is $14,524 per academic year and $39,830 for out-of-state students.