Old Left, New Goal

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From New Zealand, Trevor Loudon was the first blogger to research and publicize the facts about former White House “green jobs” czar, Van Jones, scooping the entire American press corps. Loudon’s work eventually led to Jones’ dismissal from the White House. Yet, however significant Loudon’s work has been thus far, more is on the way. The controversy surrounding Van Jones is but a small part of something much bigger, an agenda Loudon is attempting to thwart through his research (which can be viewed at his blog, NewZeal).

Loudon spoke at Accuracy in Media’s 40th Anniversary Conference on October 23, 2009, about the vastly important link between Barack Obama and Van Jones. Loudon argued that Van Jones’s presence at the White House was hardly a mistake, but rather the result of years of planning.

“Van Jones was not an accident; he was not an aberration,” Loudon stated. “[Jones] came from the San Francisco branch of the same movement that launched Barack Obama. He was involved with the same bunch of radicals, and the same organizations, and he was promoted in the same exact way as Obama was.”

Loudon went on to examine the structure of a leftist movement. He said that in the conservative mind, movements begin, and then people step up to lead them. However, leftists approach the matter of movements very differently. “The left comes up with a plan and then picks leaders to implement that plan,” he said, stating that “Barack Obama was picked to implement that plan; Van Jones was picked to implement that plan.”

“People are promoted to fulfill an agenda,” Loudon went on. “That’s what we’re looking at with Barack Obama and Van Jones. This is not an accident.” He argued that a “key point” to remember is the “planned” aspect of our current leftist takeover of government. No one got into office or czarship by accident; everyone at the top has been involved in the socialist movement for years (a claim easily made evident through simple Google searches).

“The key secret of socialism or communism isn’t spies or terrorists,” Loudon said, to dispel the claim that he is a conspiracy theorist of some kind. Instead, Loudon argued, the key secret of socialism “is the ability of far left political parties to influence and implement policy through the moderate parties.” Loudon argued that this strategy is abundantly clear and evident throughout history: leftists, knowing that most people would not sign onto their radical agenda, use moderate groups to implement their agendas. We see that now in such organizations as the American Medical Association (AMA) and the AARP, both supposedly moderate organizations supporting the radically socialist “public option” of President Obama’s health care plan.

“The U.S. Constitution has basically kept the free world, or as much of the free world as there is, alive today,” Loudon said. “It has been a light for freedom lovers all over the world, what America did and what America has defeated the last two hundred years. It is in danger now; please keep defending it.”

Allie Winegar Duzett is an intern at the American Journalism Center, a training program run by Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia.