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Copycat Professors

, Malcolm A. Kline

The problem of plagiarism in college was one in which students were, more often than not, the perpetrators, not their professors. Now, the pedagogues themselves are increasingly suspect.

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Seeing Red

, Don Irvine

To calm the troubled masses of poor students that live in fear that the test they took or the paper they turned in would be returned with scores of red pen marks denoting their mistakes, schools are now eliminating the color red as a correction color.

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Dress Code at Harvard?

, Bob Parks

A few weeks ago, the Harvard faculty went off on President Larry Summers because he said there are differences between men and women in math and science. Good thing he left out librarians.

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A Listener Responds

, Dr. ThomasJ.

A professor tuning in to hear AIA executive director Mal Kline’s recent interview on the Jim Bohannon how takes exception, sort of, to the conclusions reached by both the host and the guest.

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The Agony of the AAUP

, Larry Scholer

A look at the recent record of the American Association of University Professors reveals the real agenda of the academic freedom watchdog, according to Mal Kline, executive director of Accuracy in Academia.

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