Princeton’s Politically Correct Seminary

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When even seminaries are becoming politically correct, religious freedom is on very shaky ground. “A Princeton Theological Seminary student is facing accusations of racism for passing out fliers on campus talking about the way in which abortion disproportionately targets black women and unborn children,” Steve Ertelt reports on ”The student advertised Maafa 21, a recent Life Dynamics movie on the history of Black Genocide, by posting flyers and hosting screenings of the movie on campus, while also passing out Human Life Review literature to educate her peers.”

“The fliers, titled ‘Black Genocide’ contain some statements other students found inappropriate — as they show a picture of a noose with the words “in the new Klan lynching is for amateurs. Students at the Princeton Theological Seminary are concerned about the flier and they held a forum on Wednesday to discuss it. They noted the fliers first appeared in November but reappeared in February for Black History Month.”

The Princeton Seminary, we should note, is not affiliated with its well-known Ivy League neighbor with the same root name.

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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