Public College Plutocrats

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When Hillary Clinton, President Obama and other progressives rail against “the fortunate,” “the haves,” and “the lucky,” don’t expect them to rail against public college presidents, no matter how much they richly, every pun intended, deserve it.

stacks of money debt

Here, courtesy of the Chronicle of Higher Education, are some of the fortunate few:

  • Rodney A. Erickson, president of Penn State at University Park, who took home $1,494,603 in 2014;
  • Bowen Loftin, then of Texas A & M, who received $1,128,957 that same year;
  • Joseph A. Alutto, then of Ohio State, who got $996,169 in 2014;
  • Elson S. Floyd, still of Washington State, who got $877,250 during the same 2012-2014 school year;
  • Paula Allen-Meares, then of the University of Illinois at Chicago, who got $872,458 in that same school year;
  • Francisco G. Cigarroa, then of the University of Texas system, who pulled down $864,660 in the 2013-2014 school year;
  • Renu Khator, still at the University of Houston, who pulled down $850,000;
  • Patrick T. Harker, of the University of Delaware, Delaware who got $800,156;
  • Michael A. McRobbie of Indiana University at Bloomington, who made $778,143; and
  • Charles W. Steger, then of Virginia Tech, who pulled in $745,195.

Incidentally, the numbers for Loftin and Steger only reflect “partial year compensation.”