Radical Student Group Vandalized World War One Memorial to Stand Up Against Sexual Assault

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The group called the Revolutionary Student Front vandalized a World War One memorial at the University of Texas-Austin in the name of standing up to sexual assault. The group took credit for the spray painted graffiti, which read, “This is the blood of survivors that UT ignores” and had an accompanying hammer and sickle drawn next to it (the latter is commonly used to promote communist causes), according to Campus Reform.

This student group was protesting a tenured professor at the university over his past, when he pleaded guilty in 2016 to strangling his girlfriend. An internal review did not find any relation between this guilty plea and his teaching activities at the university and he continues to be employed there.

Other accusations from the group are that the university president, Greg Fences, was “endangering and perpetuating violence against women and all survivors of patriarchy abuse, assault, and harassment” and uses a “significant amount of pig presence and other security measures to keep him safe from students who want to be safe on their campus and force out abusers.” A perceived lack of resources to combat “the epidemic of sexual assault and patriarchal rape culture” was also a fault of the university president, according to the group’s Facebook statement.