The Audacity of Jihad

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In 2082 the western world will be governed by Sharia law. Why? Well, as explained by Brigitte Gabriel in the recent Heritage Foundation event, “We are seeing a reversal of modernization of Islam . . . and public officials are too concerned with being politically correct to do anything to stop it.”

Talking about her new book, They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It, Mrs. Gabriel explained how “In 1982 the Muslim Brotherhood began a 100-year plan to infiltrate and dominate the West.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, explained Gabriel, is “a group of radical Muslims founded [in 1928] . . . when Ataturk disbanded the Islamic Empire. It is the oldest Muslim terrorist group in the world. Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Fatah al-Islam, and Hamas are all branches of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Wanting to re-establish Islamic rule throughout the globe, the Muslim Brotherhood hopes to implement Sharia Law throughout the Western world.

Bridgett Gabriel, a Lebanese immigrant, said that Sharia law consists of “rules that govern Muslims day-to-day lives that are based off of how Mohammad lived his life . . . Under Sharia Law a girl can be married at nine because Mohammad married Aisha at six and consummated the marriage at age nine.”

Mrs. Gabriel said that if you didn’t believe her, you can look around:

“In England Sharia law was just accepted as equal and parallel to British law for Muslims . . . Florida and Minnesota have had state-funded Muslim schools. These schools have been proven to teach a message of hate and have sent tax money overseas to support the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations . . . We have installed footwashing basins in airports, even though when I lived in the Middle East there were no footwashing basins . . . Muslim taxi drivers in New York refuse to taxi a person if they are carrying alcohol, and the taxi companies permit this.”

As the United States looks for peace with the Islamic world, the Islamic world is using its oldest military tactic to deceive America into believing it is also seeking peace, argued Gabriel.

“Deceit is a tactic of war for Muslims. Muhammad used lies and deception during war to build his army up during times of peace. Then he would attack his enemy when they thought all was fine . . . Look at the Palestinian/Israeli peace treaty in 1993. The Palestinians knew they did not want peace; however, they knew they were not strong enough to overcome Israel. So, they waited until 2000 when their army was stronger and [began] a new wave of attacks.”

As for Islam being the “religion of peace,” Mrs. Gabrielle does not agree.

“Yes, Christians and Jews lived peacefully under Islam. Islam protected those people that lived by ‘the book’ [Muslim, Christian, or Jewish]. However, Christians and Jews were forced to pay a protection tax. They were forced to kneel before a Muslim Priest in the central courtyard and offer up this tax. The Muslim Priest would than grab them by the beard and punch their chin to show their humiliation. These men were then forced to wear a particular band to show everyone of their humiliation . . . However, if you did not pay this tax or were not of ‘the book’ you were killed. It was under Islamic law that thousands of Hindus were brutally murdered in central Asia . . . This was living peacefully under Islam.”

Brigitte Gabriel explained, “There is a rise in Islamic-Nazism throughout the globe . . . While we are talking about a few years, they are talking about tens or hundreds of years. They are talking about a cultural, not only a military, jihad . . . and they have already implemented their plan.”

As Mrs. Gabriel explained, only through massive organization and dedication can we in the West stop radical Islam. That is why Mrs. Gabriel asked everyone to join “Act for America is a nonprofit group with over 200 chapters nationwide and is dedicated to building a barrier for America against radical Islam . . . We can only stop them by being as organized as they are.”

Lance Nation is an intern at the American Journalism Center, a training program run by Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia.