Three-Quarters of University of Oregon Student Funding Goes to Diverse Student Groups

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Per The College Fix, the University of Oregon student senate funds a variety of student groups. But, it appears that their funding patterns are disproportional to the racial make-up of their student population:

Diversity-oriented student groups received more than $85,000 from the University of Oregon Student Senate earlier this month, with three-quarters going to black student groups — even though black students are only 2 percent of the student body.

The governing body, which controls about $4 million that comes from mandatory student fees, used much of its budget surplus to pay the full requested amounts from the five requesting groups.

The Black Student Union got $45,000 to host a dance show, the largest requested amount. The African Students Association, which promotes “cultural awareness about Africa and its people,” was granted $20,000 for its Africa Night.