Top Five Articles of 2022

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

In 2022, a lot happened and it’s hard to remember everything that went on throughout the year.

There was parent-driven outrage over Critical Race Theory assignments at all education levels, even at a conservative university like BYU. We cannot forget the concerning, vitriol-filled confrontation at Arizona State University (which is a taxpayer-funded state institution, by the way).

We also took a look at Trump’s military aid to Ukraine after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February because the Left incorrectly blamed Trump for Russia’s unprovoked attack on a U.S. ally.

We were also humbled to review a copy of conservative scholar Victor Davis Hanson’s latest book, entitled “The Dying Citizen.”

Here are our top five articles from this year:

  1. Book Review: Is the Dying Citizen a Prediction of America’s Future?
  2. What happened to Trump’s military aid to Ukraine?
  3. BYU sociology professor assigns critical race theory activity to students
  4. Teachers union poll finds voters don’t like public school indoctrination
  5. ASU students reprimanded for harassing others over police sticker