University of Oregon Student Complained about Professor’s Biblical Analogy to Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

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The confirmation hearings surrounding then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were contentious, to say the least, with allegations of sexual assault put forward by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and others. However, none of the allegations had corroborating evidence and JudgeKavanaugh was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

But, one college student at the University of Oregon complained that her professor offended her for comparing the Kavanaugh hearings and allegations to the biblical story of Joseph of Egypt and Potiphar’s wife. Potiphar’s wife, in the Bible, offered to have sexual relations with Joseph, who happened to be an understudy to Potiphar. Joseph refused, and then was accused of rape by the wife. As a result of the accusations, Joseph was imprisoned and disgraced by the false accusation.

The professor is not named in the complaint, which was sent to the University of Oregon’s Bias Education and Response Team. The Bias Education and Response Team is a specific team at the university, which receives and then investigates complaints from students and employees on anything ranging from complaints of comments in lecture halls and classes to dorm hall incidents.

The lecturetook place in October 2018, which was during the confirmation hearings, and the professor allegedly said that one could compare the Potiphar’s wife story to the Kavanaugh hearings and sexual assault allegations. The student said that she was “deeply offended by this professor’s false, ignorant, biased commentary that outwardly projected his political opinions.” The student claimed she was a survivor of sexual assault, which is why the analogy offended her.

Yet, it begs the question of whether the student reached out privately to the professor about his analogy to discuss her feelings and thoughts about it, instead of involving college administrative bureaucracy.