University of Rochester Student Leaders: Single-Sex Clubs are Potentially Discriminatory

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Per Campus Reform, single-sex clubs at the University of Rochester are potentially discriminatory due to gender exclusion:

The University of Rochester’s All-Campus Judicial Council (ACJC) ruled Friday that gendered language and “participation in gender-exclusive competitions” by student groups constitute “discrimination.”

The debate stems from a January Student’s Association (SA) meeting in which four campus activists first made the claim that 55 campuses organizations were violating the SA Constitution’s non-discrimination clause by either using gendered language in promotional material or limiting sporting activities to one gender.

Now, after the four followed through on a promise to appeal the matter, the ACJC has ruled in their favor, declaring that “25 Greek organizations,” “nine club sports organizations,” and “three a cappella groups” are in potential violation of the clause.