211 College Campuses Rally for Constitution Week

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211 College Campuses Rally for “Constitution Week”Thousands of YAL students prepare for a BIG week ahead
WASHINGTON, DC — All this week, September 15-19, 211 Young Americans for Liberty campus chapters will rally thousands of students across the country for “Constitution Week” — in celebration of Constitution Day, September 17.YAL chapters will erect large displays in high-traffic areas on campuses and engage students with “Free Speech Walls,” giant Constitutions, and NSA petition drives. They will distribute tens of thousands of pocket Constitutions, personalized flyers, and sign-up sheets to teach more students about our founding principles and bring more students into the liberty movement.

A small sampling of these high profile events expected from YAL chapters this week includes:

  • Eastern Kentucky University is planning a “dorm storm” with over 2,000 Constitutions.
  • New Mexico State University will host Congressman Steve Pearce for a day at the gun range.
  • Marshall University will build a giant “Free Speech Wall” to celebrate their freedom of speech and engage their peers on the First Amendment.
  • California State University-DH will partner with the American Civil Liberties Union to host a free speech forum on campus.
  • Elizabethtown College will “take liberals to the gun range” and provide them with a free gun safety class and free shooting at the range to educate their liberal peers on the Second Amendment.
  • University of Nevada-Las Vegas will raffle off a pistol among all their new sign-ups to raise awareness about the Second Amendment.
  • The University of Kentucky is handing out the two most American things possible…free apple pie and Constitutions!
  • Shorter University will wear empty holsters to class all week as a protest of limitations on our Second Amendment rights.
  • Citrus College is partnering with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to host a campus-wide free speech day. This is in celebration of their major legal victory to end speech codes on campus.

“We’re excited to be participating in YAL’s biggest Constitution Week yet,” Clemson University YAL President Lisa Car said. “I hope and expect that our display will not only educate our peers on their rights, but also lead many of them to join our chapter.”

With more chapters participating than ever before, this nationwide activism is expected to be the largest Constitution Week in YAL’s history.

“Our staff has been hard at work all summer putting together this year’s Constitution Week,” YAL Executive Director Jeff Frazee said. “We’re excited to now pass the baton to our student leaders around the country, who will educate their peers on the Constitution as part of our most ambitious activism project to date.”

This year’s Constitution Week will feature 211 campus chapters from across the nation — an increase of more than 400 percent participation since YAL’s first such event in 2009.
For more information on this year’s demonstrations, visit here.

If you want additional information, please contact Elliot Engstrom, YAL Director of Communications, at elliot.engstrom@yaliberty.org or at 704.641.1506

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