ACLU Christmas Party

, Ryan Bilodeau, Leave a comment

Kingston, RI –

In response to the war on Christmas by radical
leftist organizations like the American Civil
Liberties Union (ACLU), members of the University of
Rhode Island College Republicans will be
facilitating an event for U.R.I. students to send
Christmas Cards to members of the ACLU. Students
will have the opportunity to write Christian-themed
Christmas cards to the ACLU, wishing them a very
Merry Christmas, and reminding the leftist
organization of the true meaning of Christmas. The
event is free, and cookies and hot cocoa will be served.

The ACLU has attacked Christmas on the local level
in the last several years, claiming the city of
Cranston, R.I., erected holiday religious displays
along with secular displays in violation of the
so-called “separation of church and state.” The
students hope that these efforts combined with those
of students across the country will help the ACLU
respect Christmas as one of the most commonly
celebrated holidays of the United States.

The ACLU advocates freedom of speech, but fails to
apply that right to everyone. They are so out of
the mainstream, that they are stifling people from
celebrating the only actual reason for the season.
Contrary to the tenets that leftist organizations
like the ACLU promote in their lawsuits, we want
students of URI, and namely the ACLU themselves, to
know that Christmas is, in fact, the celebration of
the birth of Jesus Christ.

Ryan Bilodeau is the chairman of the URI College Republicans.