Action Jackson

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Even students hardened to the politically correct were shocked by Professor Winsome Jackson’s rather unorthodox offer: She told her students that she would give them 20 grade points if they attended a production of The V_____ Monologues.

At least one student elected to pass on the extra credit and take a “C” for the class. If others have adopted Dr. Jackson’s promotional technique, that might explain why the Broadway smash named after a distinct part of the female anatomy is such a staple for local theatrical companies.

What shocked our source—the depiction of lesbian rape as a positive rite of passage for young girls—did not alarm the professor. The students who have given their evaluations of Dr. Jackson on say that she frequently urges her students to “Look at the Big Picture.” These same students say that opposing viewpoints and the information behind them rarely make it beyond the frame of Dr. Jackson’s picture.

“The only people that did talk in class were those who agreed with her, or those that she got to agree with her after discussions,” one student remembered. “If anybody tried to disagree with her, she would turn their words on them and tell them that they were not looking at the ‘big picture’ or too emotionally attached for their views to be logical.”

Students taking Dr. Jackson’s course in comparative government are accustomed to hearing the professor compare the current U. S. government unfavorably to those of other nations, regardless of whether they are democracies or not.

“She even spoke out saying that Bush was crazy for asking Saddam to leave his own country and if anyone should leave, it should be him,” one student remembered of the Sierra College professor. Sierra is a junior college located in northern California.

A professor of political science, Dr. Jackson earned an advanced degree from the University of San Francisco. There, Dr. Jackson received her Educational Doctorate in International and Multicultural Education.

Dr. Jackson has recently completed a fellowship in Uganda, a country she urges her students to visit. She frequently gives lectures on Uganda’s “diversity.”

Uganda is considerably more liberal than in the days when legendary dictator Idi Amin erected a statue honoring his hero—Adolf Hitler. Still, Freedom House, the widely respected human rights monitor, does not give it high ratings.

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.