After the Party: Author’s Night With Carbone

, Bethany Stotts, Leave a comment

Thanks to everyone who came out to Armand’s last night for our Author’s Night with Leslie Carbone. Leslie gave an awesome speech, detailing the moral dilemmas created by perverse tax incentives.

(Hint: Leslie said that to avoid the marriage penalty one couple divorces at the end of each year so that they can file as “single;” they then remarry after filing their taxes and spend the savings on a big vacation).

Interested in the moral dilemmas caused by the income tax, the death tax, health care reform provisions and others? We’ll post the video as soon as possible so you, too, can enjoy Leslie’s presentation.

For those who were there, check out the photos below and drop us a comment when you find yourself.

A review of the book will soon appear on our front page. Also, we’ll be hosting Steve Hayward to talk about his new book, The Age of Reagan, on November 5 at the same spot. More details later. Stay tuned.

Bethany Stotts is a staff writer at Accuracy in Academia.