AIA’s Campus Report goes Live!

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Campus Report Online, which documents the frequently-shocking political bias on college campuses and in public schools, goes live on the radio via on Friday, October 29th from 2-3 p.m. Campus Report is produced by Accuracy in Academia (AIA).

Mal Kline, the executive director of AIA, a news service that serves as a watchdog on the accuracy of college texts as well as academic freedom of speech, will host the Campus Report. His guests on the show’s premiere broadcast will be.

Dr. James Miller, an Economics professor at Smith College. Dr. Miller’s academic writings withstood scrutiny by the tenure review committee but his columns for National Review sent shockwaves through the Ivory Tower at a campus where the conservative magazine counts few subscribers. Dr. Miller will also discuss his debates with anti-war protesters at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Roger Aronoff, an award-winning documentary producer and veteran journalist. Mr. Aronoff produced and directed the recently released ‘Confronting Iraq’ for Accuracy in Media, AIA’s parent group. Mr. Aronoff interviewed experts on the war on terror to produce a fact-filled film that reaches radically different conclusions than Michael Moore’s controversial ‘Fahrenheit 9-11’, which college students nationwide are forced by faculty and school administrators to view.

Deborah Lambert(pictured), a regular columnist for the Campus Report and creator of its popular ‘Squeaky Chalk’ feature. In ‘Squeaky Chalk’, Miss Lambert reports on questionable events on college campuses such as “Menage’ a Prom” and “Crossing-Dressing Day.”

Make sure to tune into the show at 2 p.m. this Friday. Go to to hear the live show.

Michael Sogunro works in marketing at Accuracy in Media.