Annual MLA Panel Preview

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At a time when most people pick out pine trees, many English professors make plans to travel to the annual convention of the Modern Language Association.

Accuracy in Academia is, as usual, sending a correspondent to cover the event. Nevertheless, we thought that we would share with you what promise to be the most intriguing panels and presentations of the 2011 MLA meeting:

o   Dickens and Psychoanalysis

o   Queer Ecology

o   Literary Autism

o   Intolerance in Queer Cinema

o   Queer Studies and the future of the profession

o   Cultural Studies in Post-Socialist Spaces

o   Queering Lawrence [D. H.]

o   Queer Articulations of Arab Identities

o   Graphic Aging

o   Jews, Paranoia and Conspiracies

Still and all, the most intriguing MLA séance of all might be the one that they are holding on the subject of Careers for Humanists.

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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