Another Charlottesville Post-Mortem

, Malcolm A. Kline, 1 Comment

In the wake of the riots at UVA last summer, the police chief in Charlottesville has resigned. “Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas resigned Monday following criticism that he and his department had been woefully ill-prepared to handle the August Unite The Right rally,” Anders Hagstrom wrote in The Daily Caller on December 18, 2017. “The decision comes just 17 days after the release of a damning 207-page report by former U.S. district attorney Tim Heaphy, The Washington Post reported Monday.”

“The report indicated that police were poorly trained for handling the protest and failed to implement an effective plan. The police fumble resulted in the death of one counter protester, who was struck by a speeding car. Police also suffered two fatalities after a law enforcement helicopter crashed in the vicinity of the protest.”