Antidote to Trump Derangement Syndrome

, Malcolm A. Kline, 1 Comment

Since we started reporting on it last year, Trump Derangement Syndrome has, if anything, surpassed epidemic proportions, starting in the Faculty Lounge.

Speaking of which, in our faculty lounge blog roll, we have shown reports from Campus Reform that in the past two months:

Subini Annamma, a professor at the University of Kansas, tweeted that Trump supporters are ”deeply invested in white supremacy;”

• After a Bernie Sanders supporter shot U. S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., Central Connecticut State University professor Jerold Duquette argued that “mentally unstable people drawn to political extremism” would be motivated to do “horrible things” by Trump’s “corrupt, dishonest, and stupid” rhetoric.

Trying to be constructive, George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf suggested academics study the white middle class to better understand Trump voters. While it would be amusing to see academics fanning out to NASCAR races, we would urge them all to consider the ideas of libertarian journalist John Stossel, never a Trumpeter, who recently put current events in perspective for the Constitutionally illiterate, i. e. most of academe.

“If you worry that Trump will destroy your way of life, the smartest thing to do is to decrease the power of all presidents: Shrink the executive branch back to the humble role it had when the founders wrote the Constitution,” Stossel writes. “Make sure Congress passes declarations of war before the U.S. goes to war.”

“Don’t let any president rule through executive orders. Make sure Congress passes laws instead of letting federal agencies write rules. A president’s job is to execute laws. The fewer and simpler those laws, the easier it will be to prevent crazy things from happening.”


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  1. Louis Issel

    July 12, 2017 4:09 pm

    Dear Mr. Kline

    I enjoyed your latest comments about Trump Derangement. I have a friend who has long been active in Republican politics at a fairly high level. Recently he described a personal theory that the ever more violent and growing derangement of the left is largely driven by pot as it has moved to a beer like status in Dem circles and is now a 30X more potent hallucinogen than just twenty years ago. ahe says, “Every time I am in leftist evirons, NYC, DC, LA, SF, the reek of pot is overwhelming! It has to be a major component fueling the lunacy of the left.”

    Neither of us have seen or heard any speculation about this possibility on line, in any media outlet or in academia. Have you?

    There might be a lot of disruptive fun developed by raising this question and making it an issue. Imagine asking Don Lemon live on CNN how often he tokes, and how high does he feel right now? Should all celebs in the green room be required to pass a pot test pre air time?

    Really, we are just looking for possible causes of the rising tide of leftist violence in Ameica! Is pot the driver of left lunacy?

    Ha! Ha!


    Lou Issel

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