Archie has Two Buddies

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What works in a Modern Language Association panel for English professors probably won’t succeed in the free market. In the final coup for the progressive-leaning Archie Comics crew, Archie himself—America’s hero—was shot to death while taking a bullet for his gay friend in the July 2014 issue.

archie comics

When asked what a ten year old will read for fun, chances are it’s a comic book. Let’s face it: From a kid’s standpoint comic books are entertaining and a good way to spend free time. What could be better than spending free time reading an Archie comic? Archie comics provide repetitive story lines of Betty and Veronica chasing after Archie, Jughead’s extensive eating habits, chilling at the choklit shop, and that scheming Reggie! Since it is geared to 8-13 year olds, it would be strange to create completely different plot twists and anything slightly controversial.  Rarely do we see anything shocking that disturbs the small town feeling of Riverdale. Yet; all that is changed when Archie comics introduced a new character!

The new character introduced is Kevin Keller, who is gay. Eventually, he married an African-American man and they lived happily ever after (Mr. Weatherbee even cried)! Kevin Keller even joined the army to show how equal our society has become. After all, we have to make a clear political statement that gay people are welcomed in the army and our society.

One would never expect to see Archie comics next to the word controversial. Until now, Archie dumping Veronica and staying with Betty or actually graduating from high school would be the most radical changes that devotees of the comic strip could expect.

Apparently, some moms were exceptionally unhappy about the addition of a controversial character into the mix. A Million Mom’s is an organization that protests explicit and inappropriate behavior on TV and in the press for children. They launched a protest to get Toys R US to stop selling the comic books, but the company refused to oblige.

Clearly some online commentators were pretty unhappy too. “I have nothing against gays or lesbians….I do have a problem with this kind of [expletive] being pushed on our children and grandchildren,” said user Proudvietvet58.

“There aren’t that many on-panel kisses in the pages of Archie, but you often see the lipstick on Archie’s face afterward,” Jon Goldwater, the CEO of Archie comics told Forbes Weekly.  “The fact that Kevin Keller kisses another guy at the end was a huge step forward in the series.” Unfortunately, the company’s profits have not made the same leap forward. In fact, since the introduction of the Kevin Keller character in September 2010, profits went down by 88.6 percent, according to

It does not look like the Archie comics series are doing very well. From, the net worth is $8,484 USD with a -88.60 Negative Growth. With the monthly advertising revenue of $349 USD there clearly is not that much profit.  That does not seem like a lucrative investment. Perhaps the loveable Archie Comics tried to shake it up with a new character; Kevin Keller.  Yet, from the following graph, it does appear that that encouraged many sales.

archie comics value chart

The chart allows for some speculation as to what caused this dramatic decrease. Perhaps consumers were turned off by gay characters being introduced in comic books. Perhaps the great division on gay marriage affected the response of consumers.  Clearly, Archie Comics must rethink how they will draw attention from consumers.  Perhaps, the introduction of controversial societal and political changes have caused some consumers to be unhappy.


5 Responses

  1. William

    July 28, 2014 11:55 am

    Only in right-wing world do gay comic book character matter.

    Hey, how about that Obama? He’s about to start another major war in Iraq. Maybe that’s more important?


    July 28, 2014 3:01 pm

    Clearly more than 88% of the people that once were willing to buy this comic didn’t wish to embrace the new character they wanted to introduce. They should have remembered that only 3% of the population is gay or transgender before they put it in there. If people don’t want to see it, they don’t have to. Archie has always been a wholesome small town type yibe comic, that’s what people buy it for, not to have programming delivered to their children through the comics.

  3. wyatt81

    July 29, 2014 1:50 pm

    The left never tires of cultural brainwashing and manipulation, even if it hurts their bottom line. They are on a zealot’s mission

  4. Guest

    August 6, 2014 11:18 am

    If concerned with International Issues, arguably seen as more concerning– I will add that Obama has not started another major war in Iraq- while we do have an embassy, it is currently a civil war without much US presence.

  5. Guest

    August 6, 2014 11:22 am

    Yes, comic books should not illustrate major social/political changes– why is that important for 5th graders? Then again, the left will never fail to enforce their ideas on how to think even if parents raise objections.

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