Bad Coaching

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According to the Washington Times, “Ahmad Al-Qloushi, a foreign student at Foothill College near San Jose, California, said he was told by Political Science Professor Joseph A. Woolcock to get psychological treatment because of pro-American views expressed in his essay.”

Al-Qloushi, whose relatives were kidnapped and tortured by Saddam’s goons, claims he was flunked for praising America in a final-exam essay. The student now fears a failing grade could cost him his student visa.

Apparently, if you are an Arab Muslim who loves America, you must be deranged. I didn’t want to be deported for having written a pro-American essay, so as soon as I left his office, I made an appointment with the school psychologist.
–Ahmad Al-Qloushi

Woolcock had his students write an essay on one of several topics. The one chosen by Al-Qloushi claimed that some scholars “contend that the Constitution of the United States was not ‘ordained and established’ by ‘the people’ as we have often been led to believe. They contend instead that it was written by a small educated and wealthy elite in America who were representative of powerful economic and political interests. Analyze the U.S. Constitution (original document), and show how its formulation excluded the majority of people living in America at that time, and how it was dominated by America’s elite interests.”

Al-Qloushi wrote, “I completely disagree. The American Constitution worried monarchs in Europe. The right for men to choose their own representatives was unheard-of in the rest of the world. The United States Constitution might have excluded the majority of people at the time. But it progressed, and America, like every nation in the world, progressed. Because of America, the world is free. America freed Kuwait and is now currently in a fight to free Iraq and its 25 million residents and vanquish the tyranny and monstrosity of Saddam Hussein.”

He called me naive for believing in the greatness of this country and told me, “America is not God’s gift to the world. You need regular psychotherapy.”
–Ahmad Al-Qloushi

Why does this sound so familiar? Why is it so many college professors who make good money within the secluded walls of a university are so blatant and mean displaying their political bias? Liberals truly believe everyone who has any intelligence at all must think exactly as they do…or they need see a shrink.

I contend anyone who pays good money to educate a child who attends college (that employs one of these clowns) and leaves as a non-thinking parrot needs therapy.

Bob Parks is a former congressional candidate, ex-Navy, single dad, graphic designer, life-long New England Patriots fan, and member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21.