Bad News about Alternative Lifestyles

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This year, a Catholic University sociologist published results of a study of children of same-sex parents that runs counter to much of the happy talk on the subject emanating from academia.

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“In the past two decades dozens of studies have concluded that children with same-sex parents fare as well or better than those in opposite-sex families on a wide range of outcomes related to child well-being and emotional health,” D. Paul Sullins wrote in a study which appeared in January. “So consistent and well-publicized has been this finding of “no differences” that it has been presented as a settled conclusion in judicial proceedings and public policy and professional settings.

“Recently, however, two developments have called this finding into question: Detailed critical reviews that have exposed substantial weaknesses in many of the studies of the same-sex parenting, and the emergence of studies designed to overcome those weaknesses which claim, not without controversy, to have discovered poorer outcomes on some measures for children in same-sex families.”

Sullins’ own study, “of 207,007 children, including 512 with same-sex parents, from the U. S. National Health Interview Survey” found that “for children with same-sex parents” “Emotional problems were over twice as prevalent.” His results appeared in the British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioral Science.

Sullins concluded that “Joint biological parentage, the modal condition for opposite-sex parents but not possible for same-sex parents, sharply differentiates between the two parent groups on child emotional problem outcomes. For child well-being the two groups differ by definition. Intact opposite-sex marriage ensures children of the persistent presence of their joint biological parents; same-sex marriage ensures the opposite. Further work is needed to determine the mechanisms involved.”


4 Responses

  1. floridahank

    May 5, 2015 6:42 pm

    Experts in the mental health area have been shown to present “scientific” studies to “prove” or promote their findings. Many times their work has been shown to be invalid, substandard or even outright lies. I’ve been researching various evaluations and descriptions concerning “healthy personality” “maturity” “self-actualized personality” “transcendent personality” and “authentic personality” — just some of the confusing labels they have created by such “experts” that follow:

    “Carl Rogers lists 10 essential traits, Abraham Maslow contends that there are 14 characteristics and the Menninger Foundation has developed a table of 7 criteria of emotional maturity.”
    Psychology has found it impossible to define mental health: if it is “relatively good adjustment” then relative to what? It simply shows the right to define anything to do with mental health is in the hands of the definer.

    All this LGBT issue is far from being understood because of the many biases involved with all types of mental/psychological/sociological studies. Scientists in most area should not be accepted until there are a number of expert research results and studies validating the results to be authentic and scientifically above reproach.

  2. AndRebecca

    May 6, 2015 11:54 pm

    Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow worked to “change” the society. The old definitions of mental health were pushed out the window. A real grown-up man to a Christian mental health expert meant the love of God, work, family, and society – following in the footsteps of a good father. Ditto females, with an emphasis on God and family, but all four things… Self-actualization has nothing to do with Christian ideals. It is an adolescent self love based on Marxism with some spiritualism mixed in if you “feel” it’s necessary.

  3. Tish

    May 13, 2015 12:55 pm

    This corroborates the many stories told by adult children of same sex parents. To believe academia, it’s all unicorns and fairy dust..when in reality..many children have now come forward to express a sense of loss or something missing compared with a mother and father…Yet i have to believe with the breakdown of the family being so prevalent today, a stable same sex family is far healthier than what many unfortunate children are dealing with.

  4. Lindsay

    June 18, 2017 12:26 pm

    I appreciate the comment about how a home with same-sex parents is better than a home where its a single parent. (somehow reminds me of the 90s TV show “Full House”)

    But think too about how all of this impacts children through adoption policies. Isn’t it better that children have two mommies or two daddies who love them and care for them instead of in a group home or orphanage where they have a handful of social workers who, despite doing all they can, have to split their attention and care among a dozen kids, and then they go home at the end of their shift? This rotation compounded by these workers going elsewhere to pursue better employment opportunities sends a loud and clear signal to these kids that “nobody will be there for you in the long run”.

    As a board member for a youth shelter I have seen this first hand, and it breaks your heart. Quite frankly, these idealistic, and many times bigoted, policies are hurting those they claim to help.

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