Berkeley: Where Free Speech Ends

, Malcolm A. Kline, 2 Comments

Back before our time, partisan politicians used to proclaim that politics stops at the water’s edge. Now, that seems to be where free speech ends, before it can hit the shore.

Berkeley prides itself on being the birthplace of the free speech movement but is that where it will end? “The Heterodox ranking lists Berkeley as 105 out of 106 schools, citing the protests that stopped Mr. Yiannopoulos and Ms. Coulter from speaking as well as a missive from the University of California system urging faculty ‘not to criticize affirmative action or to refer to America as a melting pot,’” Douglas Belkin reported in the Wall Street Journal on June 26, 2017.

Most of the professors who belong to Heterodox consider themselves moderate, according to Belkin. “Harvard University was 103rd out of 106 schools in the ranking. Heterodox, which weighs schools’ regulations as well as the ratings of other first-amendment groups, cited Harvard’s history of censoring outside speakers, a blacklist on private clubs and a laminated ‘social justice’ place mat handed out to students before winter break in 2015. The aim of the place mat was to help students prepare ‘for holiday discussions on race and justice with loved ones.’”


2 Responses

  1. Jaime L. Manzano

    July 5, 2017 9:39 am

    It begins with the abuse by the press of their freedoms, and by individuals of their free speech. As a participant in the Berkeley Free Speech “spring” of the 50s, I shudder at what we let out of the bottle. We roiled in the rejection of “in locus parentis” exercised by academic elders. The objective, initially, was the elimination of the faculty advisor who monitored the content of student publications – the Daily Cal Newspaper, and the Pelican Magazine. We won.

    Reasonable enough. Then, however, that freedom began to roll down hill, what with four-letter words becoming common in conversations, then in signs, and then used to provoke argument and physical violence in demonstrations. Add the egg-breaking instincts of adolescents, then the untimely trail of national rhetoric blazed by the loyalty oath, the use of indentured service from non-tenured younger faculty in the educational guild, the McCarthy hearings wafting in from Washington, and you get a sweet-and-sour soup, rich in anarchic fusions. Good bye tolerance, common sense, morality, individual self-control. Hello intellectual conceit, herd thinking, victim-hood, and wasted time in the institutions of higher learning. JLM

  2. Jean Powell

    July 10, 2017 12:55 am

    I am appalled that this is happening in our country. I never thought or imagined I would live to see the day when free speech, one of the guarantees given to the citizens of our great country by our Constitution, is no longer tolerated by the left in this country. The only “free” speech allowed by them is the speech that comes out of their mouth. No one else is allowed to discuss anything they do not want to hear from anyone not on the left. I have a great plan for the: if you do not want to hear that which you do not agree with, simply stay away from the event. These “people” claim that speech that is unacceptable to them needs to be shut down and they will riot and destroy other people’s property to get their point across. These rioters are nothing but common criminals, as well as professional “protesters,” who should all be arrested, made to pay reparations for the property they have destroyed, and sent to jail for breaking the law. Those who are actual students should be kicked out of the schools they choose to destroy and never allowed to return.

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