Beyoncé and Jay-Z: Leaders of Equality and Feminism?

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The Barclays Center is usually associated with the Brooklyn Nets, not an active way to show deep political and social commentary. Unfortunately, this has recently changed due to the presence of performer Beyoncé and her husband, rapper Jay-Z. The couple is well known for their singing/performing collaborations, style inspiration, owning a portion of the Brooklyn Nets and their ascent to the Forbes “Highest- Paid Celebrity Couples List.” Good for them. Usually, the press does not associate them with misogyny and black power groups.

Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets

The couple was recently seen at a Brooklyn Nets Games wearing some suspicious attire.  Jay-Z accessorized himself with quite a hard-to miss medallion that features an eight-pointed star with the number seven. The necklace is a symbol for The Five Percent Nation. This group is known for its message of white inferiority and its not-so-subtle suggestion that blacks must understand their biological superiority, regardless of the diametrically opposed publicly perceptions. According to The New York Post, when Jay-Z was asked if he found meaning in his fashion statement, he simply shrugged and said, “A little bit.” His answer may have sidestepped the truth and played this answer down. It does not seem that he supports this group “a little bit” if he chose to wear this medallion in front at a public event with press; rather, it would seem he is quite fond of this group. If he chose to wear this medallion at a public event with press, it would appear that he is quite fond of this group.

The Five Percent Nation has an active agenda in their proposal about biological white inferiority. This power group was established in 1964 by Clarence Smith, a former student of Malcolm X. Moreover, “The rationale is that the black man is God and created the universe, and is physically stronger and intellectually stronger and more righteous naturally,” according to Michael Muhammad Knight who is a spokesman for this group. He adds by saying that, “Whiteness is weak and wicked and inferior — basically just an errant child who needs to be corrected.” The way that this needs to be corrected is still unknown.

It is ironic that this couple manages to support the advocate about black oppression movement in America. The fact that Jay-Z can wear a gaudy medallion with a powerful message our wide acceptance for freedom of speech. It remains ironic that such a wealthy and famous couple feels so oppressed by white men. The couple together will make more than most white men will make or receive in their lifetime. Liberal elites will never stop to criticize the privileged even though they are the most privileged worldwide. It’s well known that those on theLeft are masterminds at propagating the message of victimization. The message is widespread throughout our society and especially on college campuses.

Beyoncé is another proponent to of the propagation of victimization. Her sexually explicit song “Partition” is arranged to show the importance of black feminism. This successful performer even received approbation from an adjunct professor, Kevin Allred of Rutgers University, who asked her to create a course called, “Politicizing Beyoncé.” While the course could simply be disregarded as a ridiculous example of America’s non-academic mindset, this course could have detrimental effects on young adults embarking on their path to learning. The course teaches young adults the value of provocative behavior and attractiveness in order to get your voice heard in politics. Beyoncé is seen as “worthy of intellectual interest” as Kevin Allred states. The question remains why performers need to be seen as political activists.  Would she be seen as a political activist without the fame?  Just as Beyoncé should not be seen as a political figure, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie should not be seen as a performer.

Beyoncé is clearly an advocate for progressive views on women and black feminism. Yet this all seems extremely ironic when considering the belief system of the Five Percent Nation. One of their messages states, “All black men had God in them and that black women were “earths” who took on a complementary yet subordinate role to their gods,” according to author Michael Muhammad Knight. The emphasis that black women have a place on their subordinate role to men does not seem to be the message that Beyoncé or her PR entourage would want to promote.

obama with jay z and beyonce

Although these people are viewed by the general public as talented performers through the glossy fashion magazine covers and the likes of People magazine, the irony of their political views and should be noted.  The most noteworthy observation is that these two performers, who should be under investigation for their political messages, are friends of President Obama instead. The couple managed to raise $4 million for Obama during the 2012 presidential election .Politico quoted President Obama as saying to Cleveland radio host Colby Colb, “They’re good people…Obviously they’re unbelievably successful, but they really are down-to-earth folks. And we talk about the same things I talk about with all my friends.”  “Yeah, I’ve spoken to him on the phone and had texts from Obama, of course,” Jay-Z told CNN.

Perhaps America should take a step back and truly think about this cozy relationship.