Beyond Confederate Statues

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  1. L A Winans

    September 16, 2017 11:52 pm

    Even should it be acknowledged that Robert E Lee was a good man, a decent family man, a brave warrior who served his country in the Mexican-American War, a military genius and one who did his best to reconcile after the war, the fact remains: Robert E Lee took an oath to protect the United States. He took that oath freely and without duress. He took the oath and then he violated it and took up arms against his country. That is what I would call Treason (as would the Constitution). The story about Lee taking Communion at the side of a newly freed slave makes me proud to belong to the very same Church as Lee (Episcopal) but it does not change the fact that Lee committed Treason. We do not ask whether Benedict Arnold was a good man, we do not praise John Wilkes Booth for loving his mother, we do not recount pleasantries about Aldrich Ames or Robert Hansson , they do not get statues for goodness. They do not get statues because they committed treason. So too it is inappropriate to display a memorial to anyone who shot AT the Flag of the United States. (Yes, my kin fought for the Union in the Civil War AND in every war since and including the War for American Independence — Captain Isaac Winans, NJ Militia)

  2. Morgan Reynolds

    November 29, 2017 2:02 pm

    Robert E. Lee was no traitor. 1) America was founded via a secession derived from a political philosophy of freedom and self determination, 2) there was no law against secession under the U.S. Constitution (though discussed in Philadelphia James Madison opposed it, and even Alexander Hamilton did), 3) the New England states came close to secession in 1815, 4) two famous lawyers of the day refused entreaties to prosecute Davis because there was no legal way to prove up the elements of a treason charge and 5) unionists surely did not want to contest the issue on its intellectual and legal merits in a court of law and lose, an almost certain result in a fair trial. It might make Lincoln and his blood-thirsty crowd of suppressors of southern independence at enormous cost look less-than-noble. Might make the North look like the invaders of the South. Hence the outcome has been tagged the “trial of the century that never happened.” Supposedly the issue was “settled” via war. Really? Slaughter on the battlefield did that? So the United States is a roach motel, a Mafia organization which no state can depart peacefully, a voluntary union transformed into an involuntary one? How admirable.

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