Biological Man To Race Against Women In NCAA Division I

, Alex Nitzberg, 1 Comment

Transgender ideology is transforming the anatomy of athletics as biological men who identify as women infiltrate female sports. This bizarre phenomenon affects both high school and college athletics. For instance, a male runner at the University of Montana who identifies as a woman will compete against biological females this year.

The NCAA’s guidelines on transgender policy say that men who have suppressed their testosterone for one year may compete against women. Juniper Eastwood, the transgender woman (i.e. biological man) at the University of Montana takes “testosterone-suppression and estrogen pills” according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The media outlet used female pronouns throughout its article when referring to Eastwood and explained that the runner “said she has lost muscle mass, endurance and is slower since taking the hormones suppressants.”

An article on noted:

Not surprisingly, the NCAA rules regarding transgender athletes are relatively vague. Eastwood said she didn’t have to be cleared; rather she was given a rundown of guidelines.

She added that her medical work was through the university and a team doctor, so the NCAA could check her medical records to verify compliance.

“It was just like a, ‘Is this person following NCAA protocol?’ Which, we are, so that was the check,” she said.

“This year, June will become the first openly transgender woman to compete at the Division-1 level in cross country and track,” according to ABC FOX Montana which promises to deliver a story about Eastwood next month.

Eastwood previously competed against men in middle school, high school and college but will now compete against women beginning with a cross-country event this weekend according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle: “On Aug. 31, the 22-year-old will compete in a cross-country meet in the women’s division for the very first time. She’ll be the first Division I trans athlete to compete in her sport.”

Eastwood came in seventh place at a 4K race on August 31.

The university’s head track and field coach Brian Schweyen “fully supports Eastwood’s decision to compete on the women’s team,” according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. “He said that while some may question the fairness of the situation, the NCAA makes that determination, and he trusts the decision.”

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle “Tom Wistrcill, commissioner of the Big Sky Conference, said as long as universities follow NCAA guidelines, the conference supports and encourages all athletes to compete.”

The transgender movement is harming female athletes in high school too. As Accuracy in Academia previously reported, the Alliance Defending Freedom filed a complaint earlier this year on behalf of three female high school runners who were forced to compete against boys who identified as girls.