Black Feminists Shame Each Other for Safe Space Violations at University of Maryland

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Uh, this is interesting:

The University of Maryland hosted a “safe space” event for black women Monday night featuring discussions on topics such as how to “create a space of healing and rejuvenation” and “I feel like I have been treated differently because of the shade of my skin.”

The event, called “You Alright Sis?’ Black Woman Revitalization in the Face of Patriarchy,” was sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion as part of its “Face(t)s of Black” celebration in honor of Black History Month.

Near the beginning of the conversation, two females by the names of Eliza and Carrie shared with the group that they often feel uncomfortable around other black women because of assumptions that life is easier for immigrant blacks than native-born blacks, saying they “have experienced, and still experience, having cultures with African American women who say to us as African or Caribbean women that ‘you guys think you’re better than us’.”

Photo by carmichaellibrary