Call Me Irresponsible?

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While baby boomers are still the driving force that controls America’s cultural and spending habits, when it comes to preferred methods of communication, they are pathetically out of the loop.

These days, phone calls are “out” and texting is “in,” which can create another area of tension between parents and their 18 to 34 year old millennial offspring, according to the Washington Post.

Young people say it’s a control thing – but it’s more likely a new media thing. The view among those 18 to 34-year-olds in the Facebook and Twitter set is that making a phone call is invading someone’s space.

Kevin Lokes, a student at George Mason University, says that among his peers, calling is viewed as “rude or intrusive.” The preferred method is to text first, and make an appointment, i.e. “Can I call you at such-and-such time?”

Many parents alternate between finding this habit downright annoying and getting their feelings hurt. However, their offspring are adamant. “Don’t call me at work if you just want to chat,” they say.

Lianna Levine Reisman, 26, sizes up the situation this way: “Answering a phone call requires a certain amount of psychological energy, because there’s something confrontational about someone calling you. You have to gear up for it.”

Deborah Lambert writes the Squeaky Chalk column for Accuracy in Academia.

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