Calling Oneself “American” is a Microaggression, UVA Student Claims

, Spencer Irvine, 7 Comments

eb36b80929fc1c3e81584d04ee44408be273e4d711b9154190f6_640_us-flagThis microaggression mentality is getting out of hand:

During a “Managing Microaggressions” event last Monday at the University of Virginia, students spoke out against microaggressions like identifying as “American” and criticizing someone’s taste in food.

The event, which was hosted by the Queer Student Union, was described as an opportunity for students to tell “stories of microaggressions they have experienced in their lives and [frame] them inside of the larger forces of their respective worlds, such as identity, culture, and others.”

A Hispanic student from the School of Education began by declaring that “I refuse to take up [the] identity” of “American” because “this country has decided to take it upon itself to identify as an entire hemisphere,” which he called “the most blatant microaggression in the context of this country.”