Chegg creates affordable online program directory at community colleges

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Chegg, an education technology company, announced that it created a new tool to help students find more affordable online degree options at community colleges. As Inside Higher Ed reported, the tool will be free for colleges and students.

The College Collective will be a virtual directory to find online certification or associate degree programs at two-year community colleges across the country. Colleges must be accredited to be placed in the directory and can submit their programs online.

The directory estimated it has at least 1,400 programs at over 100 community colleges across the country.

Chegg’s press release said that the purpose of The College Collective is to raise awareness about the number of online-only and low-tuition programs. Chegg said, “we must find ways to help students address the ever-encumbering financial costs of learning.” The company pointed out that costs continue to rise at four-year higher education institutions, but community colleges have done the opposite. It added, “The nationwide average annual in-state tuition for community college in 2018-2019 was $3,660 per year, which is less than 40% of the average in-state tuition cost at public 4-year schools and slightly more than 10% of the average annual cost of tuition at a private college.”

Chegg is also exploring the possibility of including four-year institutions in its directory to allow for transfers from community colleges to finish their bachelor’s degree elsewhere.