Columbia Teaches Social Justice Songwriting To Teens

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Is the Teacher’s College at Columbia showing teenagers how to go viral or get a virus? “The Muse has descended on the curriculum developers at Columbia University: they have designed a class entitled Pop and Social Justice Songwriting 101,” Thomas J. Craughwell writes in The American Spectator. “Which implies that there will be a 102.”

“But it seems unlikely that Columbia students will be able to major in it because the course is being offered to high school kids, ages 15-18. The course description promises to teach the next generation the essentials of composing a melody and writing lyrics. They’ll be just like Cole Porter, although without his sense of humor and certainly without his sense of irony.”

“It is suggested that the students consider writing about ‘gender and racial equality,’ or ‘LGBTQIA rights.”

Craughwell asks, “what in hell rhymes with LGBTQIA?” Maybe that’s the first lesson.