Column Correction

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Although media coverage of Ann Coulter’s much-ballyhooed speech at U.Conn. was designed to make the public believe that Coulter lost ground to radical students, in fact it was just the opposite, as demonstrated by a report in HumanEventsonline on December 12, 2005.

“In reality, Coulter used her wit to disarm the hecklers. She conversed with the audience for more than 30 minutes, more than what was scheduled. One boy obnoxiously asked, ‘What do you think of premarital sex?’ Coulter responded, ‘Honestly, that’s the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard.’”

In her Human Events piece, Lisa De Pasquale wrote:

Despite their attempts and false media accounts of the lecture, it was the hecklers in the audience who were angered, agitated and storming away from the microphone. In How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must), Coulter wrote, ‘People don’t get angry when lies are told about them; they get angry when the truth is told about them.’

What happened at UConn last week is not a new phenomenon. For years conservatives have battled a repertoire of name-calling, teach-ins, protests and projectiles. Judging from the four or five snot-nosed kids protesting at UConn, their mainstay now is the Hitler mustache. Liberals must wake up every day and thank Hitler’s barber for providing enough material to sustain them for the past 65 years.

Conservative speakers such as Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, David Horowitz, Bay Buchanan and Ward Connerly continue to put themselves in the lion’s den because of the support they receive from thousands of college students and in spite of the cowardly loudmouths in the back of the room. Many of them travel with close protection bodyguards because they want to continue speaking out in support of conservative principles and the War on Terrorism.

Conservative students are desperate for intellectual diversity, so they stand up to the administration, their liberal professors and fellow students with a rebellious spirit, creativity and a sense of humor. Liberals’ rants are no match for affirmative-action bake sales at numerous colleges, Clothe-A-Feminist Day (in response to a protest led by naked feminists) at the University of North Texas and Coming Out [as a conservative] Week at Drake University. Repartee with Ann Coulter is just kicking them when their down. It’s really not a fair fight.

Conservative students are winning on college campuses. In addition to their efforts, they have a number of outstanding organizations such as Young America’s Foundation, the Leadership Institute, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, Students for Academic Freedom and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute to encourage them along the way. Liberal students have the Hitler mustache and their poorly drawn swastikas.

UConn liberals made a spectacle of themselves…though their tactics were ineffective in getting Ann Coulter to leave the stage, they deprived their fellow students from hearing the end of an interesting and thought-provoking speech. Instead, the majority of the students laughed along with Coulter at their fellow students. It was similar to the “worst auditions” episode of “American Idol.” Those at the microphones were emotional, pitiful and angry — and also oblivious to the laughing observers.

Ms. Lambert writes the Squeaky Chalk column for Accuracy in Academia’s monthly Campus Report newsletter.