Conservatives Start ‘Not My Campus’ Effort at University of Michigan to Counter President’s Remarks on Trump

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From Campus Reform:

The school’s president, Mark Schlissel, made national headlines after last week’s shocking election results when he publicly shamed his students who voted for Trump, noting at a school rally that “90 percent of you rejected the kind of hate and the fractiousness and the longing for some idealized version of a non-existent yesterday that was expressed during the campaign.”

…Now, however, Schlissel is facing an increasing backlash from the student body, which has created a petition titled “#NotMyCampus” in mockery of the now-trending “#NotMyPresident” hashtag made popular by dissenting Clinton supporters, according to The Detroit Free Press.

Thus far, the petition created by OU student Amanda Delekta has garnered nearly 400 signatures from OU students, 70 of whom attached personal statements at the end of the document recounting the scorn they have endured as a Trump supporter on campus.

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