Credentialed Vandal at UGA

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Apparently election day was Halloween for liberals who wanted to play trick or treat. “The managing editor of ethics and environment at the University of Georgia’s Department of Philosophy, who also serves as a local commissioner, allegedly destroyed the yard signs of two state GOP candidates on Tuesday morning,” Andrew Lawrence reported on the Campus Reform site. [Apparently property rights is not part of her beat.] “The employee, Melissa Link, addressed the incident on Facebook, inviting others to take part and bashing Republicans.”

“Photos surfaced online of Commissioner Link addressing an onlooker who took notice of her actions. Campaign signs for Republican gubernatorial nominee Brian Kemp and local state House hopeful Houston Gaines can be seen in her hands, utterly destroyed.”

She posted, “[F]eel free to rip them up yourself for proper disposal because they are considered litter. Republican campaigns are infamous for lining roadsides near polling places…”