Dark Side of Shariah

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

While American textbooks try to pretty up the history of Islam, in the real world, its less savory contours still emerge, even in countries reputed to be the most tolerant towards those of other faiths. “The days of Christians in Morocco may be numbered,” Olivier Guitta writes on the Global Post. “A wave of so-called ‘proselytizing,’ that has reportedly converted tens of thousands Muslims into Christians, has prompted authorities to clamp down on Christian residents.”

“Over the last several weeks, more than 50 Christians from the U.S., the Netherlands and South Korea have been deported by Moroccan authorities.” Guitta, a security and geopolitical consultant, is based in Paris.

“Some long-time Christian residents were not allowed back in the country,” he claims. “The most high-profile operation took place in an orphanage called the Village of Hope, when 16 foreign Christians running the center were told they had two hours to pack up and leave the country.”

“Kids they cared for cried, not understanding why their ‘parents’ were being taken away.” Oddly, one thing that the secular academic left in America and Islamic societies abroad have in common seems to be an, at best, antipathy towards Christians.

“The orphanage had been operating for 10 years without any problems,” Guitta notes. “What changed?”

“Authorities appeared to be reacting to claims made by an extremist imam, who accused the orphanage of not respecting adoption procedures.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.