Darwin, Swastikas, Hammers, Sickles

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Man is the only creature who can believe in the theory of evolution, or who has a motive to believe in it. If we are made of mere matter, we are relieved of all responsibility and obligation to our Creator—supposing we have one. There is no such thing as original sin, or for that matter any sort of sin at all. We are free to obey all our impulses, there being nothing else to obey.

Darwinians, poor things, imagine that if we wait long enough, an amoeba could change into a Jesus. That’s change I can’t believe in. I’d sooner believe that a giraffe could turn into a Fred Astaire. What simple faith, masquerading as science and hard-headed realism!

Genuine realism might reflect that both Communism and Nazism found Darwinism useful. Maybe that’s not Darwin’s fault, but it’s a rather odd recommendation of his theory, which is said to have liberated modern man from archaic ways of thinking.

I’ve never understood, by the way, why Darwinians are so militant about spreading their faith—wanting it taught to children in public schools, for example, with competing theories banned. Isn’t this the one idea, of all ideas, that ought to be able to take care of itself, without official support and coercion?

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