Deaf To Freedom

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What happens when a group of people the academic Left claims to care about run up against a policy it cares more about? “Parents of a deaf child named Hunter were told by his Nebraska public preschool that they must change his name because he was in violation of the school district’s weapons policy,” The Education Reporter reported in its December 2012 issue. “To sign his name, the three-year-old crosses his index and middle fingers then wags his hands. This sign apparently appeared to school officials to represent a gun.”

“Grand Island Public Schools’ policy section 8470 — Weapons in Schools states: ‘Students are forbidden to knowingly and voluntarily possess, handle, transmit or use any instrument in school, on school grounds or at school functions that is a firearm, weapon, or looks like a weapon. . . .’” The Education Reporter is published by the Eagle Forum, conservative author, activist and attorney Phyllis Schlafly’s group.


Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.
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