Did Obamacare Collapse on College Kids?

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

All those collegiates thrilled to stay on their parents’ insurance after graduation might not realize that their parents may not be covered either. “New Mexico Health Connections, one of the four remaining nonprofit Obamacare Co-ops, did not inform its customers in June that it was insolvent and its entire board had resigned, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned,” Richard Pollock reports on The Daily Caller. “It also never told its customers the nonprofit paid its executives up to $450,000 in annual salaries.”

“The nonprofit, one of 24 Co-op’s originally set up under Obamacare, was supposed to provide affordable health insurance to individuals, predominantly low-income citizens. The demise of the New Mexico Co-op means that only three are fully functioning.” Twenty-two thousand people were affected by the New Mexico co-ops collapse.