Disturbing: Gay Teacher Commits Murder-Suicide with Partner after Suspension over Molesting Boy

, Spencer Irvine, 2 Comments

It’s very disturbing when you read the details about the former St. Paul, Minnesota elementary school teacher Aric Babbit. Wonder why it isn’t being reported by the mainstream and liberal media…hmm?

A Minnesota teacher and his husband are both dead in an apparent murder-suicide, after both were placed under investigation for molesting several children. The couple apparently lured in their victims by offering to “mentor” gay youth and instead molesting them.

Until this past month, Aric Babbit was a popular elementary school teacher in South St. Paul who was active in the community. But it all came crashing down two weeks ago, when a teenage boy and his parents went to the police and reported an ongoing sexual relationship between the boy and both Babbit and his husband, Matthew Deyo.