Do Millennials Need Conservatism?

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

America has fought for the Constitution and its values for a short time, but liberals and progressives have gotten the upper hand as of late. Tim Donner, the president of One Generation Away, spoke at the libertarian think tank Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. on the importance of teaching millennials, youth and children about the Federalist Papers and the U.S. Constitution. One Generation Away is a non-profit organization committed to restore American constitutional values.

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Donner shared how the Constitution “has been a subject of great debate over the last several years” and yet, “the good news and the bad news are intertwined.” He pointed out, “the Constitution has been breached with impunity,” adding that “there is no debating that it has been weakened by the Left, the progressive movement which feels not liberated but constrained by it. It prescribes individual liberty, they want collective action, and they’ve largely had their way for some time.”

Now, this has shifted America “from a constitutional republic to a European-style social democracy.” Donner posed the question about how conservatives are reaching out to the future of America’s leadership. He suggested that the conservative movement should “teach our children well.” He added, “The Constitution is not as important as The Federalist Papers. “ An important contrast is that conservatives believe, “contrary to the Left’s view that the Constitution was appropriate for a small, agrarian society,” that the Constitution is appropriate for a more modernized society like today. Why is conservatism right about the Constitution? Because conservatives believe “it’s grounded in human nature” and “the Constitution is only the byproduct of the principles embedded in it.”

Today, said Donner, “America’s founding is either not being taught, or is being corrupted in most of our schools.” He admitted, “We can no longer count on our children and grandchildren being taught that America has been on the right side of history.” Young Americans need “a fresh understanding” in their education about American exceptionalism. And, adding insult to injury, “the political process has failed us.”