Economics 101: University of California’s $15/hour wage may Hurt Workers by Slashing Hours

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

As the College Fix noted, college student workers may see their hours cut:

“President Janet Napolitano said this makes the UC system “the first public university in the United States to voluntarily establish a minimum wage of 15 dollars.” (UC workers will earn $3 more than the new statewide minimum wage of $10 come January.)”

“What she didn’t address is how the 20-hour threshold will affect those who are currently working more than 20 hours but vulnerable to cuts in their hours, or those who would like more hours than they get now. As UCLA’s Jacob Kohlhepp noted in a recent College Fixstory, student jobs on campus tend to max out at 15 hours a week – and those currently pay $9.25 an hour.”