Fidel Castro Dies at Age 90, but We Remember His Human Rights Abuses

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

Fidel Castro, the longtime communist dictator of Cuba, has passed away at age 90. Although the liberal media and elites in academia praise his name, we at Accuracy in Academia remember his human rights abuses:

  • “On July 14, 2011, only six months after Newsweek’s Tina Brown had pronounced Cuba among the ‘Best Countries in the World,’ an Iberia Airlines jet left Havana and landed in Madrid with a member of the ‘world’s luckiest people’ stowed away. A 23-year-old Cuban man, named Adonis G. B., was curled in the landing gear, crushed to death.  Adonis joined an estimated 70,000 Cubans dying (literally) to leave Fidel Castro’s handcrafted kingdom. Almost two million Cubans have made it out alive, from a nation formerly swamped with immigrants.
  • “On Christmas Eve 2000, A British Airlines jet flying from Havana opened its landing gear near Heathrow airport, and out dropped two corpses, frozen solid.”
  • “’In one week during 1962 we counted more than 400 firing-squad blasts from the execution yards below our cells,’ recalled former Cuban political prisoner and freedom-fighter Roberto Martin-Perez to this writer.”
  • “A 17-year-old named Orlando Travieso was armed with only a homemade paddle when he was machine-gunned to death in March, 1991. His crime was trying to flee Cuba on a tiny raft.”
  • “Loamis Gonzalez was 15 when he was machine-gunned to death for the same crime the same year.”
  • “Owen Delgado was 15 when Castro’s police dragged him out of the Ecuadorian embassy, where he had sought asylum, and clubbed him to death with rifle-butts.”


Photo by lezumbalaberenjena