Former al-Qaeda Recruiter-Turned-University Fellow Arrested for Cocaine Possession

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You can’t make this up, can you? A former al-Qaeda recruiter, Jesse Morton, served time for recruiting for a terrorist organization. George Washington University hired him as a homeland security expert, which stirred controversy. But, he was arrested in a sting operation and was found possessing cocaine while he was attempting to meet a prostitute:

Jesse Morton, a former al Qaeda recruiter turned FBI informant turned fellow at The George Washington University, has been arrested for possession of cocaine while attempting to meet a prostitute.

According to The Washington Post, Jesse Morton was arrested on December 28 as part of a Fairfax, Virginia police sting operation after responding to an ad for a prostitute on Upon his arrest, police found cocaine and a glass pipe in his vehicle.

Morton was the center of controversy after it was announced in the fall that he would be hired as a Homeland Security expert at The George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, conducting research on terrorist ideology.